Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SharePoint and ADFS

It looks like ADFS ("WSU Unified Signon") is not yet an option for SharePoint at WSU. Though it is possible to set up intranet access with integrated Windows authentication alongside extranet access with ADFS authentication, the user experience is worse, (especially with client-side features like web folders and Office direct open-and-save).

Some resources:

Support Boundaries for ADFS


MS official take on what works and what doesn't when ADFS is used as an authentication provider for WSS (2 or 3), SPS, or MOSS.

How to use ADFS to turn MOSS into a Claims-Aware Application


Blog by authoritative MS people with step-by-step setup. Also points to TechNet articles. Note that there is an update by one of the authors at http://blogs.technet.com/adfs/archive/2007/07/30/update-on-configuring-moss-as-a-claims-aware-application.aspx

Configuring Multiple Authentication Providers for SharePoint 2007


Background reading for setting up authentication providers.